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Ahh, the language of backgammon, it is sufficient to make any individual switch and operate absent. Are you currently new to your backgammon scene? Do you receive that blank appear with your eye any time you listen to the term Anchor? Have you been entirely baffled when someone claims they got a joker? Do you merely stand there wanting to know what precisely a pip depend is? Nicely, You're not alone, backgammon terminology can be extremely perplexing, and what is more there are tons of them.

In this post, We are going to take a look at several of the most typical phrases Employed in backgammon and the things they signify. Immediately after looking through this text, you will go to the next backgammon match and manage to http://www.thefreedictionary.com/해외축구중계 fling around the terminology like you are an outdated pro. Enable’s get rolling We could?

Anchor – Two or more chips occupying any issue inside the inner board with the opponent

Joker – A Blessed roll, an awesome roll, one that has nba중계 the opportunity to have an impact on the game’s result in anyone’s favor

Pip Depend – This depict the details by which a player is required to consider in order to currently being bearing off. To start with of the activity, Every single player begins with 167 as their pip count. This stands for:

– Issue 24 – 2 chips= forty eight pips

– Position 13 – five chips = sixty five pips

– Position eight – three chips – 24 pips

– Place 6 – 5 chips – 30 pips

For a pip rely of 167 Just about every.

Point – In backgammon, you'll find twenty-four details. It's not the rating by any suggests, as a substitute, this is the triangles that signifies the spaces. However, this can even be Utilized in scoring, with regards to how many details or wins the game is truly worth. For instance, if someone wins a single activity, it can be well worth 1 level, gammon wins 2 points or even a double recreation, and Backgammon is value three points or simply a triple activity.

One Game – A recreation won by bearing off all chips ahead of the opponent, if the opponent is bearing off too.

Gammon – A activity won by bearing off all chips ahead of the opponent, when the opponent has not started bearing off.

Backgammon – The name of the game, as well as a acquire. This acquire takes place when an individual bears off all chips prior to the opponent plus the opponent hasn't started to bear off, and the opponent provides a blot within the bar.

Bear off – This can be the act of eliminating backgammon chips off on the board.

Blot – Just one backgammon chip vulnerable to assaults through the opponent.


Hit – To assault the blot of the opponent, the blot is then put on the center bar with the board.

Strike and canopy – You not merely assault the blot of your opponent, but Additionally you maintain shifting that same chip, as a way to shield the blot you would have in any other case still left susceptible.

Whilst there are numerous additional terms in backgammon terminology, the above are a few of the most often employed. Before you decide to realize it, you can be speaking and taking part in similar to a backgammon Specialist.