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Buying a excellent paddle is as significant as buying a good kayak. There are actually numerous paddles to pick from.

When you're searching for kayak machines and components, a paddle ought to be among the very first things that you buy. Carlisle kayak paddles are among the best manufacturers you can obtain. They are constructed for numerous sorts of kayak adventures. It is simple to find a single that works for you.

Leisure Paddles

Carlisle builds leisure paddles in 3 types. All 3 are especially developed and excellent for recreational use.

The해외축구중계 Tripper design is undoubtedly an entry level paddle which has a Distinctive grip for newbies.


The RS Magic is a normal paddle for recreation. It really works for just about any age and any kayaking skill amount and is offered in glass or lightweight anodized aluminum.

The RS Magic 2 is made especially for Gals and youngsters. It is actually shorter and designed for the standard body measurement. The marginally-spooned layout generates clean and effective paddling.

White Water Paddles

Magic White H2o is Carlisle Types only whitewater paddle. This paddle is suited for novices but nevertheless powerful more than enough for industry experts to just take into that thrilling white drinking water!

All of these various paddle kinds are ideal for any kayaker. It is straightforward to find the paddle that is certainly finest for your requirements correct here! Don’t ignore the paddles are in some strategies more essential than the kayak. With out a great paddle, your boat turns into a lot less useful. Fantastic paddles Slice the drinking water improved so which the kayak is a lot more in a position to glide smoothly from the drinking water. Get one of the most from a kayak and Guantee that you purchase best-notch paddles that your kayak deserves.

Carlisle has crafted a modern line of paddles for all levels of boaters and every kind of use. When you invest in your kayak, keep in mind the way 스포츠중계 you are intending to use it. You must do a similar thing while you are selecting which paddles to get. This will let you make certain that you can get the most beneficial paddles to your kayaking type.