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Ahh, the language of backgammon, it is enough to make everyone change and operate absent. Are you new into the backgammon scene? Do you have that blank appear with your eye if you hear the word Anchor? Are you fully baffled when anyone promises they got a joker? Do you only stand there wanting to know just what exactly a pip depend is? Well, you are not by itself, backgammon terminology is usually exceptionally confusing, and what's much more you can find tons of them.

In this post, We'll have a look at some of the most common conditions Employed in backgammon and the things they signify. After studying this short article, you might go to your subsequent backgammon game and manage to fling around the terminology such as you are an previous pro. Allow’s get rolling We could?

Anchor – Two or more chips occupying any level in the inner board of the opponent

Joker – A Fortunate roll, a fantastic roll, one that has the ability to impact the sport’s result in someone’s favor

Pip Rely – This characterize the points by which a player is necessary to acquire in an effort to staying bearing off. To start with of the match, Just about every player starts off with 167 as their pip count. This stands for:

– Place 24 – 2 chips= forty eight pips

– Stage thirteen – five chips = 65 pips

– Place 8 – 3 chips – 24 pips

– Place six – 5 chips – 30 pips

For any pip depend of 167 Just about every.

Position – In backgammon, you'll find 20-four details. This isn't the score by any indicates,해외축구중계 as an alternative, Here is the triangles that signifies the spaces. Nevertheless, this may also be Utilized in scoring, concerning how many factors or wins the sport is truly worth. For instance, if someone wins only one game, it really is worth just one issue, gammon wins two factors or a double recreation, and Backgammon is 스포츠중계 truly worth 3 factors or even a triple recreation.

One Activity – A video game gained by bearing off all chips before the opponent, once the opponent is bearing off in addition.

Gammon – A sport won by bearing off all chips ahead of the opponent, in the event the opponent has not begun bearing off.

Backgammon – The name of the game, in addition to a earn. This acquire occurs when someone bears off all chips ahead of the opponent plus the opponent hasn't started to bear off, and the opponent incorporates a blot to the bar.


Bear off – This can be the act of eliminating backgammon chips off on the board.

Blot – Just one backgammon chip at risk of attacks through the opponent.

Hit – To assault the blot of the opponent, the blot is then placed on the center bar of the board.

Hit and canopy – You not only attack the blot of your respective opponent, but You furthermore may hold relocating that same chip, as a way to shield the blot you might have in any other case remaining susceptible.

While there are plenty of more phrases in backgammon terminology, the above are some of the most commonly made use of. Prior to deciding to understand it, you'll be conversing and actively playing like a backgammon Skilled.